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Helping more young people access music learning – why we welcome the new Model Music Curriculum

2 years ago

ABRSM today welcomes the Model Music Curriculum, published by the Department for Education in England.

As the UK’s largest music education charity, we are excited by the potential of the new curriculum and the opportunity that it presents to build on foundations for the teaching, learning, making and enjoyment of music in primary and secondary school settings. The Model Music Curriculum seeks to support teachers in the delivery of music in schools, presenting a progressive route through the first nine years of school and encouraging skill sharing and collaboration.

ABRSM is proud to have been engaged as the drafter of the document, supporting the expert panel in their work to develop the curriculum – which is founded on our shared belief that all young people should have access to music, and the opportunity to make progress within it.

As an organisation that celebrates and recognises performance, we are particularly pleased to see an emphasis on creating regular performance opportunities – developing over time a confidence in engaging with an audience, whether performing alone or as part of a group.

We also recognise the curriculum’s emphasis on creativity and newly created repertoire, as well as the championing of an eclectic collection of existing repertoires – with music from Oasis, rapper Loyle Carner and the film Slumdog Millionaire as well as Bach, Mozart and contemporary composers like Errollyn Wallen and Anna Meredith.

The richness and breadth of this music reflects our own commitment to diversity and will, we believe, pique the curiosity of a generation of young people who live their lives surrounded by music but who may be new to music learning and the incredible, life changing benefits that it brings.

The model curriculum is important too because it recognises the part that we all – schools, music services, music education charities, parents and other partner organisations – have to play in supporting delivery of the curriculum. That is why we also welcome the DfE’s announcement today about funding for music hubs.

We look forward to playing our part in supporting the opportunities that the new Model Music Curriculum will present for new generations of young musicians.

Chris Cobb, Chief Executive, ABRSM

26th March, 2021

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